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Groop - photo (c) Steve Gullick 2002


Formed in autumn 2000 by DJ's/musicians JOCASTA and MOONUS amidst the ambience of their psychedelic club Electric Orange, they toured the U.K. with the legendary post-punk band THE FALL at the end of 2000, and release a successful debut single, Moonbase Omega on the Stark Reality label in spring 2001. Following with the intoxicating Voodoo Sitar / Kosmic Sound single, they continue to offer insights into other dimensions with their unique approach to sound.



SUN DIAL hit an unsuspecting public in 1991. Their debut LP Other Way Out shifted 1500 copies by word of mouth alone, and has since become a cult classic of the era which has remarkably been reissued on no fewer than eight occasions throughout the world. Rockarilla magazine in Italy voted it album of the year.

Gary Ramon of Sundial

The band, inspired by 60s psychedelia, wanted to take their sound and push it into a decade whose ears were still fuzzed from the apathetic pop bloatings of the late 80s. SUN DIAL were not interested in becoming the new Pink Floyd - they had other ideas and this album proved to be a perfect take off point.

After releasing several albums on independent labels (the last of which, Reflecter, made the top five in the UK independent chart), the band signed with Beggars Banquet in the UK and Atlantic in America in 1993, where their last album (Acid Yantra) for the label in 1995 sold in excess of 20,000 copies worldwide.

After several European and stateside tours and various TV, radio and MTV appearances in the UK and elsewhere, the bands' activities in recording and live work were put on hold at the end of 1995. Founder member, Gary Ramon, set up Sun Dial studios under the Thames in the old part of central London and also set up a new label for all the bands' activities - Acme records - which has helped to release albums by new underground bands Chemical, Hypnosis, Seventh Seal (offshoot of Acid Mothers Temple), Mother Yod, Ohr Musik, and Attack Wave Pestrepeller. Ramon also set up an offshoot project named QUAD. Recordings were collected from as early as 1993 and the self-titled album was issued on vinyl only on Acme in 1998. All copies were pressed on transparent vinyl and transparent sleeve. It immediately sold out and has become a cult underground hit with DJs. With it's total organic feel, Quad isn't ambient or krautrock but a new form of psychedelia which infuses elements of all these genres.

A further QUAD album was released on Acme offshoot label PRESCRIPTION in 1999, and Ramon has also recently worked and guested on COIL's recent critically acclaimed album Astral Disaster and recently performed live with CURRENT 93 at their acclaimed shows at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London, and is presently working on a new long overdue SUNDIAL album with a new line-up featuring Moonus from GROOP and Joolie Wood from CURRENT 93.

Further info: badrug@btinternet.com or sales@acmerecords.co.uk
Website: http://www.sundial.org.uk (under construction)

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