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  • Martini Bros
    An interesting Italian DJ project...

  • Moving On Music
    Groop appear on this compilation CD put out to raise money for a new independent social activist centre in Nottingham, England, along with Julian Cope, The Legendary Pink Dots, Tom Robinson, Seize The Day, Philip Jeays, Foehn, and a host of other artists.

  • Radio Savage Houndy Beasty
    The quasi-legendary experimental radio show in Leeds perpetrated by a band of Ace of Discs co-conspirators... Until recently confined to the denizens of Leeds 6, its seasonal outbursts are now streamed over the web for all. They also have a bunch of "best of" CDs for the truly depraved.

  • IDSpiral
    A collective bringing you psychedelic trance parties, performance, poetry, theatre and more...