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The Mumbo Jumbo Disco Show / Brainwashed (GROOP)

"Groop hang out at the point where electronica meets guitar music, interestingly fresh, this stands out like a spare prick at a wedding compared to everything else in my box. A sounds like nothing else on earth, a musical hybrid of the last 30 years designed to make some sense on the floor in 2010. AA post Kevin Shields/Primal Scream psychedelic mayhem - in the right venue with the right crowd this would have them leaping up and down screaming for more. Brilliant."
- Paul Thornton - Departure Lounge/Slam the Breaks/Itch/Various - North West

Voodoo Sitar / Kosmic Sound (GROOP)

- NME, 7th September 2002

"Ha! Here's a different sound - imagine Stereolab let loose in an echo chamber with baroque psychedelic moogs lurking in the corner - yeah, get your head around that! This'll be a double-A with Voodoo Sitar which is classic sitar funk. Enough to turn you into a groopie..."
- Herb Wright, Indierama chart

"Both sides are very good - really liked the Moonbase track from last year and this maintains those standards."
- Andrew Weatherall, Two Lone Swordsmen/Haywire/Various, Worldwide

"Ooh... I was waiting for 2002's sitar outing, and here it is! Going down a storm with the heads."
- Rob Da Bank, Sunday Best/Radio One/Various, Worldwide

"Grimy, dark party vibes. A - very good (personally) works well on the floor. B - works well."
- Mr Scruff - Keep It Unreal/Ninja Tune/Various - Worldwide

"Sexy, filthy sitar fonk. Love it! Both very good (personally and on the floor)."
- Dean Meredith - Chicken Lips/Various - Worldwide

"Jukebox 7" with FALL connections and heavy support from the Thinkin' & Feelin' DJs Jocasta and Moonus - cousin of Moon Unit? - give us two fat-ass slabs of sleazy funk couture to dress up in a parade down the main street."
- Disastronaut - Sonic Mook/Slack Sabbath - UK

"Yeah man! Nice little surprise this one - Voodoo Sitar is out there - wicked!"
- Huw Morgan - Harter St/Homoelectric - Manchester

"Really like Kosmic Sound - addictively trashy and I'm a whore, so, fair - I'll listen to it while looking like something out of ID - brilliant."
- Fink - Ninja Tune/Solid Steel/Various - UK

"Jocasta and Moonus have come up with a couple of psychedelic basement mind-expanders. Voodoo Sitar is led by sexy congas and buzzing Moog and on the other side of the dimly -lit, smoke-filled room you can hear the distant ecstatic cries of someone enjoying herself. Kosmic Sound sees Jocasta take the the mic for some fizzing electroclash."
- Dean Thatcher - 7 Mag (24.7.02)

"Nice mix of instruments and studio production. Gives it an edge and stands out when played out (Voodoo Sitar)."
- Simon Purnell - London Xpress, XFM, Neutral/Various - UK

"Kosmic Sound is cool. Similar to Fat Truckers, but smoother. Playing in warm-up. Very good (personally) works well on the floors."
- Reuben Wu - Ladytron, Various - UK

"Loved the last 7" on Stark Reality - this is also a killer - Voodoo Sitar is an ace, dark sitar funk tune. Kosmic Sound has a great 60's feel and heads into original big beats - a killer dancefloor tune!"
- Bruce Sandell - It's On - London

"Loved the last 7" on Stark Reality - this is also a killer - Voodoo Sitar is an ace, dark sitar funk tune. Kosmic Sound has a great 60's feel and heads into original big beats - a killer dancefloor tune!"
- Bruce Sandell - It's On - London

Moonbase Omega (GROOP)

"Incendiary pyrotechnics from the Jazzman label spin off, on this occasion the previously unknown Groop responsible for a trip down Theramin lane. Apparently fronted by children of the corn, Jocasta & Moonus, the group pull out all the cosmic stops, jamming together intensifying Kraut drums with Hammond stabs and a driving funk-fuelled bass / lead line that could easily pass for '71, let alone 2001. They say 'if the shit fits, wear it'; well this, my friends, is very comfortable indeed. Snug in fact." *****
- DJMag, April 2001

"Continuing their search for the most far-out sounds, Stark Reality this month bring us the excellently named Groop. Imagine an on-the-money Spiritualized, only with flutes and less heroin (probably). Groop produce instrumental music which evokes the time when space travel was seen as fascinating (it still is - Science Ed). The B-side is a version in true old-skool style, but with the drums beefed up a little and more noodling. And probably the better for it, too."
- Record Collector, March 2001

"Set up as two repetetive-beat sides to flow into each other with the aid of two copies of the 7", 'Moonbase Omega' launches straight into a welter of Hammondy Kosmische rock-out swirls, slurried analogue synths and some trilling flutes inna Sixties mode. Very much the music to be accompanied by oil-projections, lava lamps and prodigious quantities of whatever takes yr clubbing fancy, the only problem is its brevity - but let the DJ take care of that. 'Moongroove' continues the swelling of phased funkiness with hints at Brianticket-style psychedelia, and is essentially the same track without the flutes, but with more echo reverberating around the shop and down the stairs to the street. This single is a nice taster of things to come; swinging."
- FREQ Music Magazine

"Twisted brilliance!"
- Mr Morgan, Electrics, Manchester

"It's the dirty funked up psychedelic head-fuck of 'Moongroove' that really slays the crowd. Immense!!"
- Paul Thornton, Departure Lounge/Philosophie/Thunky Fursday, Preston

"Dirty and very funky - love this. You need to turn off all the lights, throw the strobe on and watch people lose their minds to this ace record."
- Bruce Sandell, It's On/Musik, London


"In the end it was the fans who gave SUNDIAL the all clear for take off, a hype-free and fashion unconscious electric superglide where the sky was the limit. SUNDIAL still burn brightly."
- Edwin Pouncey

"So high it hurts, so high it works."

"SUNDIAL take you to the sonic stratosphere... music for burning your guitar to."
- Kerrang (single of the week)

"SUNDIAL are like a charged up Spiritualized. Come this way for the Future Daze."
- Dave Simpson, The Guardian

"For fans of psychedelic music of any generation, SUNDIAL is an essential listen."
- Scene

"SUNDIAL are a real experience in an artificial world."
- Alternative Press

"Spongey globs of dreamy wonder. Float to the first floor and prepare yourself for a rattler of a night."
- Laura Lee Davis, Time Out

"SUNDIAL have reinvented the '67 experimental mood of acid rock playing it their own way. Gary ramonšs guitar playing is a revelation. I'm still playing the Velvets 20 years after discovering them, and I hope I'm still playing this 20 years from now."
- Mark Paytress, Mojo magazine